UK100 H4exit

The FTSE 100 tumbled on Monday as Italy’s lockdown and a sharp rise in cases in South Korea fueled market fears over the coronavirus outbreak becoming a pandemic.

UK100 H4 01 30 2020 1148


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UKOil EXITUKOil H4 02 04 2020 1813


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Australia Jan Employment +13.5k s/adj (Reuters poll: +10.0k).
Australia Jan Unemployment rate +5.3 %, s/adj (Reuters poll: +5.2).
Australia Jan Full time employment +46.2k s/adj.
Australia Jan Participation rate +66.1 %, s/adj (Reuters poll: +66.0 pct).
AUD lower on the unemployment rate miss of 0.1%

AUDUSD H4 02 06 2020 1450

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While geopolitical risk is clearly here to stay, but it is probably not fully priced in along the length of the gold forward curve
Precious metals have also fared quite well in terms of Federal Reserve Notes. Gold managed to come out of the month with a 2% gain. Silver put on an even more impressive 7% advance. Precious metals are rallying versus all currencies, a good harbinger of a major bull market ahead. When currency finally turns down, the recent strength in metals could be amplified – big league. 

XAGUSD H4 02 11 2020 0950

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