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The USD/CHF currency pair will fall in the next period, according to the daily chart. The RSI oscillator (83.26) already shows an overbought market and indicates a future price correction in the short term. However, according to the weekly chart, the pair might continue its uptrend in the long term. A potential target is 1.02, according to our analysis.
The fundamental analysis also indicates the strength of the U.S. dollar. Federal Reserve officials saw an economy growing at a strong pace and inflation moving up as well, justifying continued interest rate increases. On the other hand, there is a low inflation in Switzerland. Consumer prices in Switzerland increased 0.8 percent year-on-year in April of 2018, slightly below market expectations of a 0.9 percent gain.

The most important data of this week for this pair:
May 8
Swiss Unemployment rate (+2.9% expectation); (+2.9% previous)
May 10
US CPI YoY (+2.2% expectation); ( +2.1% previous)

USDCHFweekly page 001


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