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The GBP/USD pair might rise in the medium term. The MACD Histogram may indicate a future uptrend for this pair, according to the daily chart. The stochastic oscillator may continue to rise in the medium term. According to the weekly chart, the uptrend RSI pattern is in the progress of getting completed.
The UK interest rates remain stable. The Bank of England has previously hinted that rates could start to increase soon, only to leave them unchanged. On the other hand, the United States lowered last month its interest rates by 0.25 percentage points, from 2% to an annual rate of 1.75%.

The most important data from this week:
October 7
U.S. Monthly Budget Statement
October 8
BOE Chairman Mark Carney speaks in Tokyo
FED Evens speaks in Chicago
FED Chairman Powell speaks in Denver
October 9
FED Chairman Powell speaks in Kansas
FOMC minutes
October 10
UK GDP 3 months (0.1% expectation); (0.00% previous)
MoM (0.00% expectation); (0.3% previous)
US CPI YoY (2.4% expectation); ( 2.4% previous)

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