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The DAX 30 index might continue to rise, according to the daily and weekly charts. The price has already reached EMA 20, EMA 50, and EMA 100 on the daily chart, and the MACD indicator is still positive. The RSI oscillator is above 50 on the weekly chart, and this indicates an uptrend. The price has also hit EMA 20, EMA 50, and EMA 100 on the weekly chart. The price might increase to form a triangular shape at 13620. The German economic performance is also an effect of the low interest rates. Mario Draghi's pledge on low interest rates hits euro and lifts bonds.

The most important data from this week:
October 24
Eurozone PMI (50.4 expectation); ( 50.1 previous)
ECB rate (-0.50% expectation); (-0.50 previous)
ECB Mario Draghi press conference

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