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SPX500 D1 03 30 2020 1141

The S&P 500 Index might rise in the near term, according to the daily and weekly charts. A potential target might be 2784, where is Fibo 50 on the daily chart.
The MACD is already positive on the daily chart. According to the weekly chart, the RSI oscillator is near the bottom. The Stochastic indicator might bounce back up in the near term.

The most important data of this week:

March 31
US Consumer confidence (112 expectation); (130 previous)
April 1
ISM Manufacturing (45 expectation); (50 previous)
April 3
US NFP (-100k expectation); ( 273k previous)
US Unemployment rate (3.8% expectation); (3.5% previous)

US30 W1 03 30 2020 1139

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