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JPN225 D1 05 18 2020 0932

The Nikkei 225 Index might fall in the medium term, based on our technical and fundamental analysis. The MACD stays positive on the daily chart but soon will become negative. The Stochastic oscillator is down, and the price is below EMA 100.
According to the weekly chart, the price is below EMA 20, EMA 50, and EMA 100, on the weekly chart. The Stochastic oscillator is moving in a downward trend.

The most important data from this week:
May 18
Japan GDP QoQ (-1.5% expectation); (-4.8% previous)
YoY(-4.6% expectation); (-7.3% previous)
May 21
Japan Trade Balance (-560 bln expectation); (-4.9 bln previous)
May 22
Japan CPI YoY (-0.1% expectation); (0.4% previous)

JPN225 W1 05 18 2020 0934


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