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EURJPY D1 08 16 2020 1516


The EUR/JPY pair might fall in the medium term. According to the daily chart, the RSI oscillator is near the overbought level (72). The MACD indicator continues for the moment the positive trend but soon will become negative. The Fibonacci level has already reached 76% on the daily chart. Moreover, on the weekly chart, the Stochastic oscillator remains near the top level, and the RSI oscillator stays at 65, near the overbought level.

The most important data of this week:

August 17

Japan GDP YoY (-27.2% expectation); (-2.2% previous)

                    QoQ  (-7.6% expectation); (-0.6% previous)

August 19

Eurozone inflation YoY (1.2% expectation); (0.8% previous)

                              MoM  (-0.5% expectation); (0.3% previous)

August 20

ECB minutes

August 21

Japan inflation YoY (0.1% expectation); (0.00% previous)

EURJPY W1 08 16 2020 1516

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