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The US equity market is trading near all-time highs in the futures market overnight, as US President Trump’s signing of the stimulus bill removes the last notable political hurdle of the moment, although we are bearing down on important political risks just after the New Year in the shape of the Georgia Senate run-off races  The high market from last week for the S&P 500 is the 3,724 level.

SPX500 H8 12 28 2020 1242


Chinese regulators have demanded Ant to return to its ‘roots’ in payments closing down its businesses in insurance, consumer loans, and wealth management. Very little specifics have been provided and the deadline is specified as ‘as soon as possible’. China is clearly saying no to sprawling technology groups exercising their power across many businesses unified by personal data. Chinese technology companies are becoming a bigger and bigger part of the MSCI Emerging Markets Index and thus the Chinese crackdown could create an unexpected headwind for EM equities in 2021.

Alibaba Group Holding Ltd All Sessions 20201228 12.48

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